Pumpkin Goes to Detroit






Pumpkin Goes to Petsmart





Pumpkin at the Dog Park



One day during my mother and sister’s visit, my friend called me to come to the dog park. We went to the dog park, my sister came with me and we met her on the “small dog” side  because Pumpkin is a small dog.


While I was talking to my friend, my sister was watching Pumpkin run (because she can run very fast) and all of a sudden, we hear Pumpkin crying. My sister saw everything and my friend’s dog stepped on Pumpkin’s left paw. My friend has a Border Collie Shepard that weights about 60 pounds! I had to take Pumpkin to the emergency vet that cost me $500.00. Then, I had to take her to the Orthopedic surgeon at the veterinary school and the surgery cost $1700.00. I sent the receipts to my friend and kindly asked her to help pay for this since her dog hurt Pumpkin. She paid $550.00 toward it.  Also, she said that she would pay for future visits and did not keep her agreement. This was very disappointing.


Pumpkin’s left paw was fractured in two places, similar to a human’s wrist being fractured. The surgeon had to put steel plates in her bones to make it heal right and they have to stay in her for the rest of her life. She had to stay crated for three months and was on restricted activity. She has to take it easy and I carry her up and down the stairs.