Pumpkin First Day Home

I decided to get a Micro Teacup Pomeranian as a result of dog sitting for Annie. Annie was a PomChi and I thought she was so cute. I tried my best to find a PomChi that looked like Annie, but I couldn’t.


I decided to get the next best thing and looked for a Micro Teacup Pomeranian. I finally came across this website that sold Micro Poms.


Pumpkin Stories

Read about Pumpkin’s accident

Pumkin’s Travels

Pumpkin visits Detroit and Ohio



Pumpkin having some “me time”

Pumpkin Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year!

Pumpkin Models at the

Label Horde Fashion Show


Courtesy of Signature Models

Chula and Pumpkin walk down the runway!

Chula and Pumpkin backstage!

Pumpkin appears in Phoenix Times!


Phoenix Times

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